1. Be Nice

    The flipside to this is that a small amount of kindness and consideration can go a really long way when it comes to motivating teams to pull for your cause.
  2. Freelance design Jan/Feb 2012

    Throughout January and February I freelanced in-house at a fitness mail order/e-commerce business.
    This allowed me to work with several brands, producing advertising layouts, web banners and video for Timex Ironman,
    Shotz, Chester Marathon, and the company’s own in-house e-commerce brands.

    I got some great experience working as a self-contained producer/designer. This involved sourcing assets, and creating artwork to the same standard as the original brands use, and in some cases reworking, rebuilding and redrawing assets.

    Here are some examples:


    View the whole set here

    This business also has some in-house e-comerce brands that needed refreshing. This gave me an opportunity to evolve
    the look and feel of Josmarc, a fitness e-commerce store aimed at an entry-level or lifestyle market.

    This is a ‘scaled for web render’ of an advert that is in the April/May edition of Runners World magazine:

    View the various versions of this set here and here, plus a full adwords set for a web advertising campaign.

    This is a design for the other in-house company, which sells some of the same things, but has a different target market.
    (this one is aimed at serious athletes)

    This was very useful experience. It was a productive period, where I managed my time well, and organised projects and assets to create finished works on behalf of the client.

    It would be easy to take these kind of layered photoshop files and bring these into After Effects for animation. I also created a video for the Assist group which demonstrates how these designs can be integrated into After Effects and video projects.

  3. Digital Hitchhiker: Create Release Repeat

    via Brad Chmielewski /  digitalhitchhiker:

    We seem to live in a time where you always need to be doing something great, sharing an amazing photo or creating top notch work. But the pressure of needing to always create new and interesting content can be stressful. If you are creating that rapidly is anyone going to remember the work you…

  4. We’d like to have you develop a new logo for us. However, there are many things we like and value about our current logo, so is it possible to make it the new version same but different?
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